Welcome to Greenwood Farms


Because we have a number of steers fattening right now, we will have beef available a couple of times per year. We will advertise this via our website as it becomes available.   We may also have a small amount of lamb and/or pork available from time to time and will send out emails and post on the website when those times arrive.

We encourage everyone to continue to buy naturally and humanely raised foods from small farms whenever possible. The small farmers of America need you to survive.

If you're looking for other farms who are doing what we have been, visit EatWild.com and RealMilk.com. Both are great resources for finding sustainable farms in your area.


Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that we must tell you that Greenwood Farms is downsizing. We say, "Downsizing" rather than closing because we aren't closing our doors for good, we're just scaling back and reassessing.

The past eight years have been a wonderful experience. We've met so many interesting people and shared our lives with so many dear animals, but, in the world of business, that isn’t always enough to make a business successful.

The bottom line is this: At this point in time, even if we doubled the size of our operation and worked 80 hours a week more, we still couldn’t make a profit in this economy. Since we began, fuel costs and feed costs have doubled and many of our customers have had to cut back on purchases to keep their own budgets in line. We’ve spent many hours with our accountant and the facts are clear: We can no longer afford to stay in business as we have in the past.  


The one facet of our business that we absolutely cannot continue is our dairy. Although we've succeeded in producing raw milk that is as clean and safe as pasteurized, the cost of running a dairy this way are astronomical. Not only are supplies expensive, but the labor involved is a more subtle cost that we simply cannot overcome.

You will be glad to know that we have found a wonderful home for our milk cows. They are all moving to a farm just 60 miles away, where they will stay together as a herd and be tended by a dairyman who loves cows as much as we do. We will miss them so much,  but at least we know they will have happy lives once they leave our care.  

After the downsizing, Greenwood Farms will still be a farm, but primarily to provide food for our family. We will be keeping three cows for our own use as well as all our young heifers. We will raise them to breeding age and either keep them for us or sell them as family milk cows at that time. We will have a flock of laying hens, a few meat chickens, a few sheep for lamb, and possibly a hog or two for our own pork. We will continue to support the Slow Food Movement in any way we can and we will always be looking for new ways to share our love of the land with you.

Setting aside a dream is heartbreaking. The grief we feel having to close up shop is indescribable. We love all of you and we treasure every minute of the past decade. Thank you all for standing by us, helping support us, and, for a time, making the dream of Greenwood Farms a reality.


The Atkinson & Leibner Families of Greenwood Farms